why we should boycott chinese product..??

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As you all know that nowadays even the most educated people of our country are asking to boycott Chinese goods. Taking another step further in the same line, today I will tell you Why we should Boycott Chinese Products , and also if China completely stops international trade with us or with China; So what will be the Impact on our India.

Current situation between India and China:

As you all will be aware that recently, a very stressful environment is going on between India and China. Whatever is happening in Ladakh right now, China has started. China deployed its troops in a large number of borders and at the same time sent several tankers to it. Recently, our government spoke to the Chinese government and offered to sort out whatever is going on. Whatever stress was running on the LAC (Line of Actual Control), it seems to be working now.

And due to this dispute going on in Ladakh, India and China are going to meet on June 8. So that whatever problem is going on between the two countries, it should be ended.

Now let’s talk about the fool’s app:TIKTOK 

Recently, App Tik Tok of China had caught too much emphasis. Which we can usually call fools app or even the app of unemployed humans.

ByteDance is an emerging Chinese company that sponsored three apps in China by Tiktok, Helo and vigo Video. Tik Tok is also known as Douyin. In 2018, byteDance added merged Tik Tok and Musical.ly companies, given that Musical.ly App earned a lot of money. And you will be very sad to know that in our India Tik Tok was at the top in terms of download in 2019.

Here is some data that I have collected, I hope you will be sad to see it.


boycott chinese products
source: statista

According to the news, in the last quarter of the last season, China’s short video-making app earned 25 to 30 crores from India, which ended on 31 December 2019. And now byteDance company is keeping its target 100 crores that it will earn 100 crores in India by September 2020.

And last year Tiktok made a profit of nearly $ 479,000 from India, a profit of 43.7 crore.

Tik tok’s owned by ByteDance which was founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. And it has taken the first place in the whole world by beating Facebook in a few years. You will be very sad to know Tik tok earns more money than China, in India and America.

Here I am giving list of some Chinese apps, if you also use these apps then uninstall now:


why india should boycott chinese product ...??
source: Factordaily

NOTE : In this list, I have also kept pubg because in many places it has been described as South Korean App and in many places it has been described as Chinese app. So, wherever you have to believe it, its you choice. it’s none of my business.

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Right now a very good news is coming, that is that the central government has banned its 59 apps in India by doing digital strike on China. And this is very good news for all of us Indians. You all will know that the atmosphere of war between China and India is being created at this time. India tried several times to resolve the matter through negotiations, but I am not ready to cheat China.

We have been the first to bring you the list of apps that the government has banned all over India.

Have a look 

tik tok ban ,59 chinese apps ban in india

China warns India..?

As you might know, Cold War is going on between America and China. And in this situation, China has warned India not to support any country in this cold war, it would be right for India. Apart from this, India will have to live in this cold war and should not participate in this revival. And they say that nationalism in India is at a boil at this time, there are many voices of Indian media who say that align with the US and hurt China in this cold war.

But in spite of this, China Peace says that it is an irrational voice and that the Indian government should not make its surrogate according to these voices and Financially,they are saying that if India supports America in this cold war then it does not benefit India but It would be a lot of damage.

According to a news, China has said that if India supports America in this cold war, then all the trade going on between the two biggest neighboring countries of the world will be completely stopped.

How China will be affect Indian Economy.?

Whenever India and China trade with each other, the trade volume is about $ 93 billion. And out of this, the goods that China sells to us are worth $ 75 billion and the goods we sell to China is only $ 18 billion. The $ 45 billion of goods that we take from China, every year, it contains Chinese smart phones, China’s API and many other things that we buy from them.

And for this reason, a trade deficit of India and China still advocates is about $ 57 billion. Once you think for yourself, $ 57 billion is not the price of the entire China-Pakistan economy corridor, which China will complete in the next 6 years, which took 15 years to build. So the amount of investment China has made in Pakistan, India invests more money in China’s economy every year. That is why today, very big intellectual people are saying that please do not buy any goods from China.

Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

Just as it happened between India and Pakistan that the trade between the two countries will be closed, if it happens between India and China today, it will benefit our country so that we will be saving $ 58 billion every year.


If we stop trading with china :

boycott chinese product

  1. Initial Shock emerges out: Now if business suddenly stops between the two countries, then we may get an initial shock, now you will ask how is it still dependent on China for mobile parts and if we assume that we have mobile parts in India. If we start making it, then its spare parts which we have to assembled are imported from either Vietnam or China.

In the same way, the medicines which are manufactured in our country, which we say that the huge medicine industry of India, the API we use in it is also very important to make medicine. The extension name of the API is Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Other than that, electronic hardware; Overall, we import so much from China that if we suddenly stop everything, our economy may get a shock.

Can we emerge from this Situation:

It is also a very thinking thing that if we suddenly stop exporting rectangles with China, will we be able to bear such a huge loss.It is quite obvious that we can deal with such losses comfortably because we can buy the things we need from Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan (not part of China) because these countries have very good relations with our country.

Pre-planning is required just to overcome such a situation.So that in case China stops trading with us then we can emerge from such losses. Because China’s mouthpiece has given us warning that they can give a dynamic move to all trades with us.Even after that, if we do not do any planning, then it will be a mistake.

Steps taken by our government :

However, our country has taken some steps to deal with a situation like the Government of India has spent a budget of 10 thousand crores to grow the pharmaceutical industry. Under which we will create APIs in India ourselves and for that 3 big drug parks will be opened in India.

But the problem in this is that it will take us about 5 years to open these big drug parks. If China stops trading even then we may have to increase our budget for that. For which India is engaged in talks with Russia, America and other big countries.

what can the people of India help in this?


For this, the simple answer is that people of our country can buy $ 57 billion of whatever goods from China, even if only a little of that can be done, even for 5 – 6 billion; So this can cause a lot of damage to China and it will indicate that India is now becoming self-sufficient.

Conclusion :

So now the question comes, why will China give such a statement, does it really think that India will be aligned with America.

So yes Donald Trump has recently announced that the G-7 will be expanded. This is a major geopolitical event. Many people are not realizing its gravity right now, when there will be announcements in the coming time, they will know how big this development is.

At the same time, the US has proposed D-10 Group, a group of countries that want to have no invoice of China, Regarding 5G Technology in their Respective Country.

At the same time, we are seeing for the first time that America Openly India is commenting on the China border issue.


Team Fat 11 also appeals to you, please do not buy China goods at all.

स्वदेशी बनिए ,आत्मनिर्भर बनिए।

{Be indigenous, be self-reliant}

Jai hind , jai bharat..!!



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