What is Upstox..?

Upstox is the best trading Platform ever: RKSV Securities are otherwise called Upstox. It is the second-biggest discount broker in India. The merchant charges are modest and moderate. Established by Ravi Kumar, Shrini Viswanath, and Raghu Kumar, RKSV was begun in 2012. The organization’s name R.K.S.V is gotten from the primary letter of name and last name of originators. The organization has a turnover of 13,000 customers and records for 2% of the complete every day turnover at the NSE.

Since, The organization offers administrations at the NSE, BSE, and the MCX. They offer Equity, F and O, Currency, and Commodity exchanging. Hence,The framework is easy to understand and makes it simpler for clients to put orders through internet browsers and portable applications as it is based on Omnisys NEST OMS. A ton of speculators have put viably in the organization. The organization is supported up by the Kalaari Group, Mr Ratan Tata, and GVK Davix. It is one of the first technological low-cost brokerage firms, good for traders who look for low brokerages, high margins, and decent trading platforms.

What is Upstox Trading Plan..?

There are two unique sorts of records that the representative proposals to the client on enrolling and every one will suite them. The two kinds of records are:

  1. Basic: This is the premise of all. It simply offers fundamental exchanging highlights of Equity Delivery. It is upheld on both versatile and site.
  2. Priority Plan: This record offers an assortment of choices. It comes at a charge of Rs.20. The record gives stock examination, search, exchange, and observing stocks, items, monetary standards, and F&O. It likewise gives progressed outlining to specialized investigation. It is utilized by proficient dealers and it has a wide scope of outline types and pointers with an information rich UI. Hence the Upstox is the best trading Platform ever.
Upstox Basic PlanUpstox Priority Plan
Equity DeliveryFreeFree
Equity F&O, Commodity and Currency₹20 per trade or 0.01% (whichever is lower)₹30 per trade or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Margin – Intraday  
NSE/BSE Cash15x20x
Index Futures4x5x
Stock Futures4x4x
Index Option Sell4x5x
Stock Option Sell4x4x
NSE Currency4x4x
MCX Future2.5x3x
Margin – CO/OCO Orders  
NSE/BSE Cash20x25x
Index Futures4x7x
Stock Futures4x6x
NSE Option Buy1.33x2x
Index Option Sell4x5x
Stock Option Sell4x4x
NSE Currency4x5x
MCX Future3x4x

Upstox Brokerage Charges

1. Plan 1: Upstox (Upstox Basic): Equity Delivery Based Trades: Rs. 0 (no trade limit)

  • Upstox Trading account opening charges (once): Rs. 150 for Equity and F&O, Rs. 150 for product
  • Upstox Trading yearly support charges (AMC): Rs. 0
  • Upstox Demat account Opening ChargesOne Time): Rs.0
  • Upstox Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC): Rs. 150 every year
  • All out Account opening Fee: Rs.531 (as Rs. 150+Rs. 150+ Rs. 150 +Rs. 81(18% GST)

2. Plan 2: Upstox Pro

  • Value Delivery Based Trades: Rs. 0 (free Unlimited Equity Delivery Trades)
  • Intraday Trades: 0.01% per Rs 20 for every executed request (whichever is lower)
  • Value Future: 0.01% or Rs.20 per executed request (whichever is lower)
  • Value Options: Rs 20 for every executed request (On turnover)
  • Money Futures: 0.01% or Rs.20 per executed request (whichever is lower)
  • Cash Options: Rs. 20 for each executed request
  • Ware Futures: 0.01% or Rs.20 per executed request (whichever is lower)

Upstox Brokerage Fee in Detail

Upstox ChargesEQUITY DeliveryEQUITY Intraday
Upstox Basic Brokerage₹0Not Applicable
Upstox Pro Brokerage₹0₹20/Trade
STT0.1% on both Buy and Sell0.025% on the Sell Side
Transaction / Turnover Charges₹350/crore₹350/crore
Goods and Services Tax (GST)18% on Brokerage + Transaction Charge18% on Brokerage + Transaction Charge
SEBI Charges₹15/Crore₹15/Crore
Stamp Duty  
Upstox ChargesFuturesOptions
Upstox Basic BrokerageNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Upstox Pro Brokerage₹20/Trade₹20/trade
STT0.017% on Sell Side0.017% on Sell Side(on Premium)
Transaction / Turnover Charges₹210/crore₹5500/crore on premium turnover
Goods and Services Tax (GST)18% on Brokerage + Transaction Charge18% on Brokerage + Transaction Charge
SEBI Charges₹15/Crore₹15/Crore
Stamp Charges  
Upstox ChargesCurrency FuturesCurrency Options
Upstox Basic BrokerageNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Upstox Pro Brokerage₹20/Trade₹20/trade
Transaction / Turnover Charges₹155/crore₹6000/crore on premium turnover
Goods and Services Tax (GST)18% on Brokerage + Transaction Charge18% on Brokerage + Transaction Charge
SEBI Charges₹15/Crore₹15/Crore
Stamp Charges  
Upstox ChargesCommodity Futures
Upstox Basic BrokerageNot Applicable
Upstox Pro Brokerage₹20/Trade
CTT0.01% only on the sell side
Transaction / Turnover Charges₹260/crore (₹210 Transaction + ₹50 Clearing Charges)
Goods and Services Tax (GST)18% on Brokerage + Transaction Charge
SEBI Charges₹15
Stamp Charges₹100/Crore

Save upto 90% on brokerage charges with upstox

You can get a good deal on your business when contrasted with the other service providers. (Upstox is the best trading Platform ever)

How about we expect you do least month to month exchanging of 10,00,000 rupees with 10 exchanges (20 on the off chance that we incorporate purchasing and selling side)

Examination of Upstox exchanging financier with ICICI Securities that charges 0.275% (0.55% in the event that we incorporate both purchasing and selling)

10,00,000 * a year * 0.55% = Rs. 66,000

Examination of Upstox exchanging financier with Sharekhan that charges 0.10 % (0.2% complete on purchasing and selling)

10,00,000 * a year * 0.2% = Rs. 24,000

Exchanging Brokerage with Upstox that Charges Rs. 20 for every Trade

20 exchanges for each month * a year * 20 Rs. financier = Rs. 4,800 in particular. (Saving of upto 90% on business)

Features of Upstox

  1. free demat and trading a/c
  2. equity delivery free for life time
  3. reffer and earn benefits
  4. upstox not charge any AMC for trading a/c only have one time fees which Rs. 200 inclusive GST.
  5. for D mat MMC charge s is RS. 25+ gst.

What made Upstox India’s second largest stockbroker

Upstox is the best trading Platform ever

Such has been the speed of digitization in the course of recent months that the organization that took around 10 years to get its initial 10 lakh dynamic customers currently expects to develop that number to 20 lakh throughout the following not many months. Information incorporated by NSE demonstrated markdown broking firm Zerodha had 24.70 lakh customers toward the finish of September, making it India’s biggest, trailed by Upstox at 12.20 lakh. Customary financiers ICICI Securities, Angel Broking and HDFC Securities positioned after them in a specific order with 11.95 lakh, 10 lakh and 8 lakh dynamic customers, separately. Ravi Kumar, Co-originator and CEO, Upstox, gives full credit to the public authority’s Digital India activity for quick ascent in web infiltration in the nation, whose advantage has begun streaming down to his own business and those of others. (Upstox is the best trading Platform ever)

Upstox is the best trading Platform ever

Upstox claims a 32 percent development in record opening by ladies between April to June 2020, contrasted and that in the past quarter. Upwards of 70% of these ladies are new-to-advertise financial specialists. Moreover, more than 35 percent of ladies clients are housewives. “Interest for monetary autonomy, expanding need to share family unit expenses because of wild compensation cuts and cutbacks, rising gold costs, low profits for bank fixed stores and land speculations and alluring stock valuations since late March have all prompted an ascent in the quantity of new value financial specialists by and large and ladies speculators specifically,” Kumar said. “Individuals are progressively focusing in on various roads to put resources into and viewing at value as one of the possible choices,” he said.

How to Open the Free Demat Account with Upstox

RKSV offers you the alternative to open a Demat and exchanging account through on the web or disconnected strategies.

Upstox is the best trading Platform ever

In the online technique, you need to have an Aadhaar Card and the connected portable number to verify the application structure. In the event that you don’t have a portable connected Aadhaar card then you can go for a disconnected record opening technique.

the two cases you will require the accompanying arrangement of records.

  1. PAN Card
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Example Signature
  4. Photos (live selfie)
  5. Income proof (its optional: in the event that you wish to exchange subordinates)

1. Sign Up on Upstox (RKSV) Home Page

CLICK HERE to visit direct account opening page

Click “Open Demat Account” button opens into a new window where you need to sign up for opening an online demat and trading account.

2. Verify Your Mobile With OTP and Start Application

You need to give your email address and number. An OTP will be shipped off your authority Mobile number to verify the portable number.

When validated, you can move to the following phase of the application cycle and give the PAN number alongside the date of birth, as appeared previously.

Upstox is the best trading Platform ever

3. FILL UP Personal Details

Next, you need to give your own data like marital status, yearly income and trading experience by tapping on the given choices. (Upstox is the best trading Platform ever)

The process is quick since you are needed to choose one of the alternatives gave as opposed to filling all the subtleties.

Before you continue ahead to peruse the taxpayer declaration and check on the declaration box. Snap on the “Following” tab to continue ahead with the application process.

Upstox is the best trading Platform ever

4. Select Your Trading Preferences

UPSTOX gives you the alternative to choose the portion where you need to exchange. You can go for all the sections or either set one from the accompanying. The Upstox, is the best trading Platform ever.

First Set – Equity, Equity F&O and Currency F&O

Second Set – Commodity Trading

On the off chance that you are new to securities exchange contributing, at that point you can go for the primary set as it were.

Next, you additionally have the choice to pick the brokerage plans. Naturally, the framework chooses the “prioritybrokerage plan. Which should be changed on the off chance that you need to go for the “basicbrokerage plan.

The Basic Plan with Rs. 20 financier and 15x intraday Margin are more better for new trader. Though, the Priority Plan is best for experienced traders who require higher (20x) leverage. The brokerage charges (Rs. 30 for each exchange) are additionally higher under the Priority Plan.

Upstox is the best trading Platform ever

5. Provide Bank Details

Subsequently after choosing the plan, you need to give your bank details like account number and the IFSC code of the bank office.

Make sure that you are not adding a payment bank because Upstox does not open a trading account linked with payment banks like Paytm.  

The bank details are needed to link your trading account so that you can transfer funds online to your trading account. RKSV Securities doesn’t share your ledger subtleties and all exchanges are encoded for most extreme security. Since Upstox is the best trading Platform….. ever.

6. Authenticate Application Using Aadhaar

Next, you will need to authenticate the online application using the OTP received on the linked mobile number.

In case, if you do not have an Aadhaar Card linked to your mobile number then you can use the offline demat application method.

7. Upload the KYC Documents

Finally, you will be required to upload a copy of all the KYC documents along with the image of your signature and photographs. 

This completes your application and the trading account will be opened in 24 to 48 hours time. RKSV will provide you with the trading account login ID and the password.

Customer Care Support

In the event that you will open your Demat account with a rebate merchant, at that point don’t expect great client service. It doesn’t make a difference whether it is Upstox or other other discount broker, you can’t get agreeable client assistance in occupied hours or in mass level technical glitch.

Here it merits referencing that in this day and age, exchanging stages have gotten totally advanced and you scarcely need to converse with their client care specialists to settle an issue.

Just like other discount brokers with limited manpower, Upstox needs to improve its customer support. Many clients complain that in bust hours, customer care agents and sometimes relationship managers do not respond.


  • Upstox charges flat₹20 business for purchase and sell arranges if there should be an occurrence of Basic arrangement. As of now, it is the least financier charged by all rebate representatives.
  • As examined, their exchanging stage is progressed and has all the main apparatuses and markers to help time better passages and ways out.
  • Upstox yearly support charges are ₹300; which are very sensible.
  • You can coordinate Algo exchanging stage to your Upstox account.
  • You can straightforwardly put resources into common asset plans without paying any financier.
  • Upstox choices chain is helpful and simple to get to directly from the dashboard.
  • Need plan gives high edges for exchanging enormous amounts.
  • Upstox offers altogether high edges up to 27x against your capital and possessions.
  • You can apply for IPO and FPO directly from the Upstox dashboard. All the IPOs applications can be filled by going to the IPO part of the site.
  • Customers can put in an assortment of requests, for example, Normal request during live business sectors, After market request (AMO), pre-market request, cover orders and such.


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