Top TOUGHEST Entrance Exam in India 2023

Hello and welcome in today’s blog post we are going to talk about the Top TOUGHEST Entrance Exam in India 2020. So usually, we write an exam and get the results. But do you know there is a certain entrance test that is really hard to crack, So let’s get started and stay tuned with us. You are reading the Top TOUGHEST Entrance Exam.


Basically, an examination is what that tells us the capability of us. Means, in other words, we can say that these exams check the knowledge of any person who is going to appear in that examination.

But today we will focus on the /Top TOUGHEST Entrance exams of India that is generally impossible for anyone to crack them. it does not mean that nobody is going to crack them, in spite one who needs to more focus and dedication to do so. Let us talk about them one by one.

Civil Services Exam – UPSC

UPSC Stands for union service public commission basically it’s a body and India’s premier central recruiting agency, which conducts the exams of Grade A and B. These are considered as the most difficult exams. And below that, there is an exam called CSE ( Civil services exam).

There are a few reasons which make this exam most difficult in India. These are –

  • Three Tier Exam

These are consist of three-tier of exam means it occurs in three different stages.

  1. Preliminary exam
  2. Mains exam
  3. Personality Test i.e Interview
  •  More Aspirants fewer Vacancies

Every year on an average 12-16 Lakhs students appears for UPSC-CSE. But due to lack of vacancies, there is a huge amount of competition so few students can rid off or get on. That is why I often heard from many people that UPSC Hai Halwa Nhi. Means it is UPSC Not porridge. 

  • Enormous syllabus

For UPSC CSE you need to study a lot of stuff, and retaining that much of information is literally is the biggest task for anyone. It is also a legitimate reason for considering its toughest exam.

I literally heard from many of my mates’ khud ka syllabus Hota nhi, UPSC Kya hi karege. ( I can’t even complete my own syllabus, How can I pursue it).

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Top TOUGHEST Entrance Exam in India 2020

Joint Entrance Examination – Institute of Technology

In our list, there is another exam popularly known as JEE EXAM. And it is conducted by NTA. It is also considered as one of the toughest exams in India. It is consists of a two-tier examination that is well enough.

This entrance is for those students who want to pursue Engineering in further studies i.e Bachelor of Technology. Its syllabus is basically Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

As it is a two-tier test so MAINS & ADVANCE are those two exams which are must, to get better IITs. A friend of mine tweeted like that MAINS TO BAN JATA H, PAR ADVANCE ME FAT JATI HAI!! means ( Although you can get on Mains, it’s hard to crack Advance because it is literally Advance.)

CAT- Common Admission Test-Top TOUGHEST Entrance Exam

So, In the list of Top TOUGHEST Entrance Exam in India 2020. We have another exam and it is popularly known as CAT. Don’t underestimate this exam its name although its name begins with common, it’s not common for all. It is another exam that is considered as one of the tough exams. It opens the doors of prestigious Indian Institutes of Management.

One fact regarding this examination is that an unreserved student one who scores more than 98 percentile marks in this exam, can get better college only. So by this only you can understand the dept of this examination. Every year more than 2.50 lakhs students apply for this examination.

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CA- Charter Accountant Examination

it is basically a three-tier entrance exam which as conducted and administered by Institute of Charter Account of India(ICAI). The first tier test is called CPT.

CPT stands for Common Proficiency Test and this test incorporates four faithful sections one separately on Economics, Quantitative Aptitude, Mercantile Laws and Accounting. The second tier is called the Integrated Professional Competence Course and comprises of seven subjects.

A candidate successfully unambiguous tier 1 and tier 2 exams, he/she has to take the final tier-3 round where his/her guts and brilliance are tested to the completes extent. The triumph rate is 8-16 per cent.

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NEET Examination-Top TOUGHEST Entrance Exam

This examination is for those students who want to pursue Medical science in furthermore studies. Although, Medical Science itself considered as the toughest subject on this planet. Itis organised by NTA. And it’s also a prestigious exam. Because this subject gives you the best opportunity to serve the people.

But whenever someone can get full out off marks then how can be it consider as the toughest exam. But the success rate is not much in this exam too.

Final Words about Top TOUGHEST Entrance Exam

So, Exam is basically a way to check your mental and physical fitness. And these become the cause to make you fit. And the last thing I would like to add that nothing in thing world is made till now that can not be beaten by a human. These are just exams that are also made to test you.

So, All the best for your examination wish you good luck 🙂 wish you good luck 🙂

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