Top High CPC Keywords 2022

What keywords are Top CPC Keywords? How can I locate them quickly? What are the high CPC low competition keywords ? How to find the Top High CPC Keywords in 2022 ? I’ll respond to each of these queries as well as others.


You’ll learn everything there is to know about cost-per-click keywords at the end of this article.

Your CPC is a crucial number to focus on as a digital marketer because it affects your ROI. The cost per click affects every aspect, including advertising expenditure and revenue. You must therefore gain a deeper understanding of the issue. Fair enough?

Let’s begin straight away.

What are the CPC(Cost Per Click) keywords.?

what are the high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords.?

High CPC keywords are those for which marketers pay more than others on platforms like Google AdWords. And using such terms, you as a blogger, earn more money than others.

Therefore, Cost Per Click is referred to as CPC. If you’re an advertiser, it’s the cost you incur for each click on your PPC (pay-per-click) marketing campaign. The CPC is also known as the income per ad click if you are a publisher.

Your income as a blogger or website publisher increases in direct proportion to the CPC an advertiser pays. Additionally, creating a YouTube video based on high CPC keywords will increase your earnings beyond simply the website.

How to calculate high CPC:

How to calculate high CPC

The price per click varies depending on the keyword.

50+ of Google’s Top High CPC Keywords (by Industry)

50+ of Google's Top High CPC Keywords (by Industry)

What if we used information from our Free Keyword Tool or high CPC keywords finder to identify the terms with the highest cost per click (or CPCs) in Google AdWords, increasing the cost of online advertising?

This time, we calculated the 50 Top High CPC Keywords combined with their average CPC (indicating that these niche markets are extremely competitive), and the outcomes are significantly different than they were 10 years ago! We will also give you the High paying adsense keywords in 2022, highest paying adsense niches

Although the volume of data that changes every day makes it challenging to assess, we’ve split out the most expensive keywords for some of the most typical industries:

High CPC KeywordsSearch VolumesCompetetionCPC (Cost-per-Click)
Insurance Quotes1k – 100M Low4$ – 83$
host website on google cloud1k – 50kLow1.2$$ – 285$
Mortgage1k – 80kLow-Medium2.2$ – 38$
Attorney50k – 100MLow-Medium8.85$ – 85$
Donate50k – 100MLow-Medium2.3$ – 250$
Conference Call1k – 1MLow6.2 $ – 75$
Online Degree10k – 1MLow1.3$ – 98$
Credit Card1k – 100MLow-Medium1.25$ – 227$
Electricity Bill10k – 1MLow5.3$ – 178$
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)1k – 50MLow2.56$ – 1000$

High CPC Keyword For Blog Niche

Legal High CPC Keyword

motorcycle lawyer$ 317.61
automobile accident lawyers$ 244.03
auto injury lawyers $ 241.30
car lawyer $ 176.11
accident lawyer $ 189.58
accident attorney $ 222.56
car wreck lawyer $ 186.39
mesothelioma law firm $ 232.67
accident claims lawyers$ 239.51
accident lawyers firm $ 214.14

Which specific keywords on Adsense offer the top (Cost-Per-Click)?

Here, SEMrush produced a fantastic analysis of some of the top keywords by nation.

You can check out the list of more than 1 million adsense keywords provided by GrepWords if you’re seeking for precise high paying keywords, like mesothelioma, which pays $1000 or more per click. For instance, they listed “mesothelioma survival rates” as the top paid keyword overall, at $1006.56 per hit.

Even if your website receives a lot of traffic, you still can’t make money from both your blog and website at the same time. Aside from this, Google Adsense is your primary source of income. Therefore, the justification for this is that the terms you picked might not have a high CPC (cost per click). In a similar vein, your pay is not very high. That doesn’t always imply that you have no traffic. This indicates that the CPC for your website is quite low. This is specifically the situation when purchasing through Google AdSense.

Top CPC Keywords List In Google AdSense For 2022.

The Quickest Method to Discover a List of High Paying (CPC) Google AdSense Keywords in 2022. The top 10 most costly keywords in Google AdSense for 2022 (high CPC). Whether you realise it or not, ads account for 90% of Google’s revenue. Google generates billions of dollars in revenue annually thanks to advertisements for anything from fitness to entertainment to real estate.

The top 15 Google AdSense keywords with the greatest CPCs (Cost Per Clicks) and monthly searches worldwide in 2022 are shown below if you’re interested.

No.Keywords CPC
2Offshore accident lawyer$815.00
3Best motorcycle accident lawyer$770.00
418 wheeler accident lawyer San Antonio$670.00
5Scranton personal injury lawyer$560.00
6Truck accident attorney Dallas$515.00
7Houston trucking accident attorney$500.00
8Mesothelioma attorney assistance$490.00
9New York construction accident lawyer$485.00
10Maritime lawyer new Orleans$485.00
11California auto accident lawyer$475.00
12Auto accident attorney California$465.00
13Auto accident attorney colorado springs$460.00
14Car accident lawyer Jacksonville$430.00
15Truck accident lawyer Dallas$425.00
High CPC keywords for YouTube

Top High CPC Adsense Keywords For Google Adsense Earning

  • URGENT CARE EMR >$90.00
  • hospital alcohol detox >$65.00
  • dermatological problem >$65.00
  • transporter hospital >$60.00
  • urgent care jasper tx >$55.00
  • urgent care snider plaza >$50.00
  • Dallas bariatric  >$45.00
  • endocrine weight loss >$45.00
  • urgent care 77041 >$45.00
  • Kensington hospital detox >$60.00
  • children’s Oakland hospital >$55.00
  • weight loss surgery Dallas tx >$55.00
  • fort Lauderdale hospital detox >$65.00
  • children’s hospital emergency room near me >$60.00
  • urgent care electronic medical records >$40.00

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Free Tools to find High CPC Keywords

High CPC Keywords for All Time For YouTube And Blog Sites.

No.Keywords CPC
21Mesothelioma Law Firm$179
22Donate Car to Charity California$130
23Donate Car for Tax Credit$126.6
24Donate Cars in MA$125
25Donate Your Car Sacramento$118.20
26How to Donate A Car in California$111.21
27Sell Annuity Payment$107.46
28Donate Your Car for Kids$106
29Asbestos Lawyers$105.84
30Structures Annuity Settlement$100.8
31Car Insurance Quotes Colorado$100.9
32Annuity Settlements$100.72
33Nunavut Culture$99.52
34Dayton Freight Lines$99.39
35Hard drive Data Recovery Services$98.59
36Donate a Car in Maryland$98.51
37Motor Replacements$98.43
38Cheap Domain Registration Hosting$98.39
39Donating a Car in Maryland$98.20
40Donate Cars Illinois$98.13
41Criminal Defense Attorneys Florida$98
42Best Criminal Lawyers in Arizona$97.93
43Car Insurance Quotes Utah$97.92
44Life Insurance Co Lincoln$97.07
45Holland Michigan College$95.74
46Online Motor Insurance Quotes$95.73
47Online Colleges$95.65
48Paperport Promotional Code$95.13
49Online Classes$95.06
50World Trade Center Footage$95.02
51Massage School Dallas Texas$94.90
52Psychic for Free$94.61
53Donate Old Cars to Charity$94.55
54Low Credit Line Credit Cards$94.49
55Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys$94.33
56Car Insurance Quotes MN$94.29
57Donate your Car for Money$94.01
58Cheap Auto Insurance in VA$93.84
59Met Auto$93.70
60Forensics Online Course$93.51
61Home Phone Internet Bundle$93.32
62Donating Used Cars to Charity$93.17
63Ph.D. on Counseling Education$92.99
65Car Insurance Quotes PA$92.88
66Royalty-Free Images Stock$92.76
67Car Insurance in South Dakota$92.72
68Email Bulk Service$92.55
69Webex Costs$92.38
70Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies$92.23
71Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia$92.03
72Register Free Domains$92.03
73Better Conference Calls$91.44
74Futuristic Architecture$91.44
75Mortgage Adviser$91.29
77Virtual Data Rooms$83.18
78Online College Course$78
79Automobile Accident Attorney$76.57
80Auto Accident Attorney$75.64
81Car Accident Lawyers$75.17
82Data Recovery Raid$73.22
83Criminal lawyer Miami$70
84Motor Insurance Quotes$68.61
85Personal Injury Lawyers$66.53
86Car Insurance Quotes$61.03
87Asbestos Lung Cancer$60.96
88Injury Lawyers$60.79
89Personal Injury Law Firm$60.56
90Online Criminal Justice Degree$60.4
91Car Insurance Companies$58.66
92Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting$53
93Insurance Companies$52
94Business VOIP Solutions$51.9
95Auto Mobile Insurance Quote$50
96Health Records, Personal Health Record$40
97Online Stock Trading$35
98Auto RepairSshop Mesa AZ$25
99Aftermarket Automotive Warranty$25
100Forex Trading Platform$20
High CPC keywords for YouTube

Real Estate High CPC Keyword For YouTube


  • sell my house fast phoenix >$70.00
  • sell my house fast Austin >$65.00
  • sell my house fast San Diego >$65.00
  • selling a house as is by owner >$60.00
  • teacher home buying programs texas >$60.00
  • sell my house fast Orlando >$60.00
  • quickly sell the house >$55.00
  • we buy houses fast for cash >$55.00
  • will my house sell >$55.00
  • sell house cash >$55.00
  • buy house cash or mortgage >$50.00
  • sell a house fast for cash >$50.00
  • buy my home for cash >$50.00
  • worst month to sell a house >$60.00

Q&A Regarding High CPC Keywords

How does CPC work with keywords?

Cost Per Click, or CPC, refers to the amount that advertisers must pay each time a user clicks one of their ads.

High CPC keywords: What are they?
Advertisers who choose high CPC keywords are prepared to spend a lot of money each time a user clicks on their ad.

How can I make more money on YouTube?
You must produce content for high CPC keywords if you want to boost your YouTube income.

How should I use high CPC keywords?

A high-value keyword is what?
High cost per click keywords are those with a high perceived value.

What is the High CPC keyword location?
Visit the website “Marketer Rashed High CPC Keywords List” to see the extensive list of high CPC keywords in many categories.

How can I find YouTube keywords with a high CPC?
Thousands of high CPC keywords for YouTube are given above. Simply press “control + F” on your keyboard to find the appropriate keywords for your article. Put these terms in the title tag and description of your YouTube video. I’m done now.

Which nation’s CPC is the highest?
List of High CPC Paying countries

1. The United States
2. Australia
3. Canada
4. Marshal islands
5. The United Kingdom
6. Germany
7. Switzerland
8. Brazil
9. New Zealand
10. Italy

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