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Indian Farmer: The warriors

In recent times, amidst the adversities of the pandemic, farmers again proved to be the warriors for the country. It was their hard toil which helped in ensuring the continuous flow of essential eatables, to our homes. They are the unsung heroes of the epidemic. Our society knows the value of every Indian Farmer. India is an agricultural country. Our prosperity depends upon our agricultural production. For achieving this the Indian farmer’s contribution is extremely vital. India, as a matter of fact, maybe a land of farmers. And Approximately 75 per cent of our people or population lives in the village area. Indian Farmer

Significance of Indian farmers for the country-

Indian economy is an agrarian economy, farmers being the driver of the economy’s chariot. According to the Agricultural Census of India, 2011 about 61.5% of the total population is engaged in agricultural activities. But even after dependency and engagement of such a big population the total contribution of the agricultural activities in the economy is about 17.5% of the GDP only. We do need to work on the betterment of our productivity. No buddy can forget the Important role lo Indian Farmer in the agriculture. Indian Farmer

Realities and Images-

Engagement of such a large population in the sector, might give you a hope that perhaps being a farmer is a well to do occupation, but there are huge differences between the realities and images(or assumptions). Farmers are one of the worst-hit sections of the society. About 86.2% of the total farmers fall under the category of small and marginal farmers,i.e., those having less than 2 hectares of land. (Source:-10th Agricultural census, 2015-16). Indian Farmer

Other problems of Indian Farmer-

In addition to lack of land for cultivation, small farmers often face huge debt burdens, crop failure losses, lack of machinery, in a capacity of crop storage, exploitations by moneylenders, losses in non-farm activities etc.

Increasing cases of farmer suicides- Owing to all these adversities, the number of farmer suicides are readily increasing day by day. According to NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) about 3 lakhs (2,96,438 to be precise) farmers have committed suicide since 1995. As of 2014, in Maharashtra alone, more than 60,000 suicides had taken place, making an average of 10 suicides per day. Indian Farmer

Relief Program for Indian Farmer-

Fortunately to reduce these distressing numbers and to ensure the betterment of our farmers, the government runs procurement programmes and ensures minimum support price (MSP) for their produce. These steps were taken keeping in mind the overall welfare of our food producers. Indian Farmer

Government schemes exposed:

However, in recent years, the increase in MSP rates was not as expected or as required. As per a rating agency, Crisil, the average increase rate of MSP for the years, 2009-2013 was 19.3%, but it dipped to 3.6%(average) for the span of 2014-2017. Again, fortunately, in July 2018, the government announced for record break increase in MSP, which proved to be a great support to the farmers. Indian Farmer
However, as per M.S. Swaminathan, the rates of MSP is still very low as compared to the recommended limit (& requirements). Indian Farmer

Indian Farmer in present times-

Returning back to the present, lockdown and pandemic have severely affected the farmers. Seasonal farmers and landless labourers have lost their jobs for an unexpected span of time. Untimely rainfall and hailstorms, along with cyclonic winds and locust attacks have only added up to their problems. Even after overcoming these odds, farmers who got successful in making their way to the mandi were met with the absence of buyers in the market, because of lockdown.

Images of Indian Farmer

Here are some images of our farmers.


Indian agriculture field 

Indian Farmer vs USA Farmer

When I was in 8th standard, I had read a story in my NCERT book, Basically, that was not a story but you can say a broad image for USA in my mind. There was a comparison between an Indian Farmer and a US farmer. I know there should be no comparison among the farmers. But for having a clear image, we should also do this. It makes a clear image of our India and Indian Farmers.

let us understand about agriculture in the developing and a developed country. Below is the differences between the lifestyle of farmers in the USA and India. Indian Farmer

A farm in the USA A farm in the India
1. The size of the farm is large. 1. here the size of the land is comparatively small.
2. Owner’s house is in the farm. 2. Owner lives in the main village and travels to the farm every day.
3. The farmer makes sure that soil and water resources meet the needs of the crop. 3. Due to the inadequate supply of water and fertile soil, farmers have to purchase high yielding variety (HYV) seeds from the market every year.
4. The farmer takes the help of technology and sends the soil samples to a soil testing lab to check whether the nutrients are sufficient or not. 4. The farmer in India takes advice from his friends and elders as well as government agricultural officers regarding farming.
5. The farmer uses tractors, seed drills, harvester and all kinds of modern agricultural machinery. 5. The farmer takes a tractor on rent, and many still rely on traditional bullocks for ploughing the land.
6. The farmer owns a storage facility on the farm where he stores the crops before sending it to market. 6. He sells his crops in the mandi/market located in the nearby town. Since the majority of the farmers do not have storage facilities and crops rot most of the time.
7. The farmer in the USA works like a businessman. 7. Many farmers in India are peasants and get exploited by traders.

Indian Farmer-fact11

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Arguments for Indian Farmer-

Though govt. argued that it had eased the transportation facilities for farmers by exempting them from lockdown, but still transportation was on halt, in the absence of workers. In lesser words, lockdown has severely affected the agricultural activities too even after all the reliefs and comforts from the lockdown. Indian Farmer

There is a website anyone can check out and they can suggest the schemes to our Indian farmers. So they can be also benefited. And you can also check out another website.


Hopes for Indian Farmer –

Hopefully to provide more allegations, govt. under its “aatma nirbhar bharat” programme has announced some relief packages for the population engaged in cultivation, and rearing bee, fish(pisciculture), and livestock. It is being seen as a milestone step towards the broader aim of govt. of ‘doubling the income of farmers by 2022.’ Moreover, these packages will also ensure storage and irrigation facilities to the crop producers.
We should be hopeful that the situation will change for ‘better’ soon. Indian Farmer

An Indian Farmer ought to be regarded by everybody. it’s he who produces grains and vegetables for the residents of the nation. Consistently, the Indian Farmer stays occupied in ploughing the fields, planting seeds and harvesting the yields. To be sure, he might be an occupied and hard life. Indian Farmer

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