How to win friends and influence people in this ERA 6 Proven Ways

How to win friends and influence people- You will get The Best Summary of How to win Friends and Influence People and how to win friends and influence people quotes and also how to win friends and influence people. So let’s get started


Hello and welcome! have you ever thought about winning someones heart? Have you ever tried to impress someone? You might heard the Fact that just reading and mugging up books don’t ever – ever help you to influence or impress something or someone. So here we will talk about some facts, those are still concealed and people must know them. to achieve your goal that is winning someones heart. Here is a book, we will talk about a book named  How to win friends and influence people. So let’s get started, before that we will look at the introduction of this book.

How to win friends and influence people


Book Name  How to win friends and influence people 
Author Name Dale Carnegie
Published on  1936
Pages 291 pp
Genre Self-help Book


The best summary of how to win friends and influence people

Some Major points on which book Focused which helped us to make someone’s addicted. So let’s know them one by one. And we will also try to understand; Science and logic behind these techniques. And that will be the most important part of our blog. I would like to highlight the main theme and points on which this book is based on.

  • It is foolish to scold, futile to criticize or condemn a person.
  • Criticism is futile it puts a person on defensive makes me strive to justify themselves more, hurts pride, arouse resentment.
  • By criticising we don’t make lasting changes, often not correct the situation. 
  • It’s dangerous it demoralize employees, family members and friends, still not correct that has been condemned.  How to win friends and influence people.

Remember We are not here to dealing with creatures of logic, We are dealing with creatures of emotions, so instead of confirming people, let’s try to understand them and try to figure out why they do, what they do. That’s more profitable and intriguing than criticism.

Some key Techniques for Handling people 

  • Never Criticise someone 

Here, Authors talks about why people shouldn’t criticize Someone or things because we don’t know when we have to deal with someone. Don’t Doom something and complain about the little things. So you must aware of it. How to win friends and influence people.

  • Always be honest

Honesty plays a key role in everywhere. There is a quote regarding honesty by William Shakespeare-

No legacy is so rich as Honesty.

Hence, you people must honest about everything. You often heard that trust matters. 

  • Know that person’s curiosity

This is the most powerful weapon to tame someone. Let’s understand it how does it work? Every creation is made up of some sentiments. And sentiments helps to find out the curiosity of that man. So it will be easy to convince them. 

 How to win friends and influence people

Six different ways to make individuals like you 

1. Be a curious person; willing to know someone

2. Remember her name and call.

3. Have a smile 🙂 on your face. 

4. Talk as far as the other individual’s inclinations. 

5. Be a decent audience. Urge others to discuss themselves. 

6. Make the other individual feel notable – and do it solemnly.

07 Things you will get after successful reading 

1. It will help to increase your fame.

In other words, we can conclude that this will help you to add fan following. With a huge fan following, I think nowadays its meant to be like that if you are having good following in Instagram or in somewhere else. so you are a good influence. I’m not pretty sure about Tiktok :-P.


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2. Empower you to make companions rapidly and without any problem.

After competition of this book, you will meet with some people and you can also add them to your friend list. And, I’m sure that you will make better friends or company.  How to win friends and influence people.

3. Execute you a more excellent salesperson, a better businessperson.

it will make you a good businessman. Along with that you will be able to have good sales. Having a business knowledge plus dealing with customers enable you to earn profits. 

4. Let you convert new customers, new clients.

Talking with someone is an art of convincing people. It also assists you to make new buyers; After that, they will be a reliable client.

5. Boost your earning potential.

As a result, it will increase your earning potential. And as a businessman, it’s mandatory to have some profit. Therefore, this will assist here.

6. Make you a better spokesman, a more pleasant conversationalist.

Some of us might get fear; during public speaking or in somewhere. Authors talk about some phenomena and gives their solution. Therefore fear of stage will run away and you will win friends and influence people.

7. Fundamentals of psychology

You will be also aware of the principles of psychology. Also, enable you to understand the mindset of people. What they really want; How they are doing.

Who should read this book?

this is a fundamental question you may ask from me, that Who should read this? So, let’s have a conversation on it. Therefore, I am going to post a small list. Have a look on it. Businessman

  • Salesman
  • Entrepreneur
  • Network Marketer
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Students
  • Celebrity
  • Leaders/Politicians

Therefore, there are tons of list I could prepare. But I have left it for you so you can add your list on below comment section.

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Be a Representative/Leaders: How to win friends and influence people

You just have a positive attitude because it will boost your willpower and determination. Understand your responsibility and take over it. Your attitude depends upon how you handle the upcoming problems. That is a key role to win friends and influence people.

And at last, I would like to say that your real version that’s the most important thing. you must go through it. And understand the science behind it. win friends and influence people.


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