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Today, I will tell you 10 such tips which will make you very easy to How to Learn English Online and tell you How to speak fluent English. You must have seen thousands of ways to learn English Online in many websites and videos.That is why I have brought you such methods that you will be able to learn English by trying them. It will not happen just by reading this article, but only when you will implement the things mentioned in this article.

Today we will talk about some of these topics

  • speak English conversation
  • how to learn English speaking at home
  • Books to learn English
  • best book for learning English speaking PDF
  • how to speak fluent English without hesitation
  •  speak English fluently in 10 days

Let’s start with our first topic which is speak English conversation.

To begin with ,Do you know speaking English is a very funny thing. And I would like to tell you that if you hesitate to speak English then it is a very bad thing.Talking with others in English opens up a lot of new opportunities for you. For this you should thank English so that you can talk to those people who do not know your language or whose language you do not know.

how to speak fluent english

You should talk to others in the same English as you can. Never be shy that people will make fun of me, Be Confident and think that what I am saying is right.

Whenever you talk to a friend or acquaintance, you have to talk in an informal manner. However, when you talk to your elders or teacher or any person with a big position, you should do it in a formal manner. In the beginning, you have to speak some sentences like:


  • Hey..!!          (Very simple address whenever you meet some acquaintances)
  • Hi..!!                                                 (Very common and addresses for friends)
  • Hello..!!          (You can say this to anyone you are talking to. this is universal)
  • Greetings                               (It is a very formal way to talk to your loved ones.)


  • Good Morning.!  (It is always spoken in the morning before noon.)
  • Good Afternoon.!  (Mostly it is spoken in the afternoon but in many places it is spoken till 5 pm.)
  • Good Evening.!  (Can speak anytime in the evening.)
  • Good Night (It says before sleeping at night.)


See the video given above, you have been told very well that in this video what are the problems of speaking English and how should they be dealt with.


This second video that I have given, this video is telling the conversation in English very easily. In it you will find all the simple sentences which will help you in learning English.I have given this video along with my blog so that you can understand better how English is written, spoken, and read.

How To Learn English speaking at Home

As you have already read the topic, how can you learn to speak English speaking at home.Speaking English at your home is a very funny thing. It is also very convenient as well.As you all will know that sharp reading makes the movement of the tongue very smooth. By doing this your English speaking practice will become very good and you will start speaking good English.

If you see below, I have brought you a book. you will find daily use vocabulary words with meaning.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD daily use English words with meaning.


I can only give you the spoken English material. It is your job to read and use it. And that’s why I want to tell you that you can use these words given in this book to make 100 English sentences used in daily life.

If you like this article, then tell me in the comment, I will help you in learning English and I will also bring you Gujarati to English sentence translation PDF as well as Marathi to English sentence translation PDF, Telugu to English sentence translation PDF , Kannada to English sentence translation etc. I will also bring the PDF of many more languages in the next article.

You can also learn from sitting in the house in such a way that you can also learn it from many different types of English pronunciation apps from Play Store. One of those apps is English Pronunciation.

How to speak fluent English


Books to learn English

Now let’s move on to the next topic Books to learn English, we will cover two sub topics in this topic which are Best book for learning English speaking PDF.

There is no such book with which you can learn English quickly, it all depends on your pride and passion.But today I will tell you about some books that will help you a lot in learning basic English. And you will have to study 3 hours from work to work, or else I would say that you should study. I have given below the books that I could find, you can download them.

“Man is not the creature of circumstances,
circumstances are the creatures of men. We are free
agents, and man is more powerful than matter.”

-Benjamin Disraeli

Let’s review! Myfluentenglish Formula has three steps:-

 1:                     Set Your Goal
2:                       Take Action
3:              Follow Through

So here is the best spoken English book that I would say this spoken English book PDF will be very helpful for you. I have put this English speaking course PDF in PDF with great difficulty. And hope you will like it very much.


How to speak fluent English without Hesitation.

First of all, never feel bad if you make any mistake while speaking English.Because there is a mistake in doing anything and that is why you feel free to speak English.

Do more Practice :

If you want to learn to speak English, then practice it as much as you can. Because if you do not already have any preparation, then how will you be able to put your point in front of the front. Also, if that person asks you something in English, then you will remain silent.

Anytime if you go to give an exam, then you will go by preparing in advance. Only then you will be able to answer the questions that came in that exam. In the same way, when you read more and more about English, only then you will be able to answer the person in front.

Don’t be serious while speaking-

Never be serious while speaking English, nor be shy.In our India, before speaking English, a person speaks that incident in his mind in Hindi, then converts it into English and then speaks it in front of the person. In such a situation, our English speaking is not as fast as others. If we close this gap, we will also be able to speak very fluent English.

That is why one should not be shy to speak and should not think too much. If there is a mistake, then let it happen. Because humans learn by mistake. Those who are foolish will mock the person for speaking wrong English and those who are intellectual will encourage him.

This video will greatly help and encourage you to read, write and learn English. Everything is easy.


Set your daily or weekly Goals 

Make a goal of your day that you have to write 10 to 20 words daily and also understand and remember them as much as you can. If you remember even 40 – 50 words in a week and address them, then this is a very big thing. Also, when your one week is over, you have to write all the words you have memorized without looking at them on paper. And revise those who could not remember.

If you do what I have said above, then no one can stop you from learning within 1 month. then you will easily learn English within 30 days. 

Speak fluently English within 10 Days:


Below, I am going to tell you some main things, all of you will pay more attention to them.

Let us first consider accent. We have already tried to indicate what it is. We will now attempt to find out what principles govern it.

Accent is very closely associated with rhythm. It has already been stated that a reading of poetry will cultivate an ear for accent. If every syllable or articulation of language received exactly the same stress, or occupied exactly the same time in pronunciation, speech would have an intolerable monotony, and it would be impossible to give it what is called “expression.” Expression is so important a part of language that the arts of the orator, the actor, and the preacher depend directly upon it. It doubles the value of words.

How to develop your Communication Skills -How to Improve English Speaking Skills?

The general tendency of the English language is to throw the accent toward the beginning of a word, just as in French the tendency is to throw it toward the end. Words of two and three syllables are regularly accented on the first syllable; but if the second syllable is stronger than the first, it will get the accent. Thus we have sum’mer, ar’gue, pres’ent, etc.; but agree’, resolve’, retain’, etc. We have indicated above a natural reason why it cannot fail in the cases mentioned. The voice would be incapable of accenting easily the unimportant prefix in such a word as ac-cuse’, for instance.

I have brought a very wonderful book for you called Amy Gillett – Speak English Like an American (2008, Language Success Press) 

This book is counted among the very best books if you want to learn English within few days.how to speak English fluently free download PDF.This is also the best book to learn English grammar for beginners.


How to learn English grammar Within 30 Days

We might refer to this set of rules as a grammar, though there are some
linguists who would like to separate the actual set of rules existing inside a speaker’s
head from the linguist’s guess of what these rules are. To these linguists a grammar is
a linguistic hypothesis (to use a more impressive term than ‘guess’) and what is inside
the speaker’s head IS language, i.e. the object of study for linguistics. We can
distinguish two notions of language from this perspective: the language which is
internal to the mind, call it I-language, which consists of a finite system and is what
linguists try to model with grammars; and the language which is external to the
speaker, E-language, which is the infinite set of expressions defined by the I-language
that linguists take data from when formulating their grammars.

grammar -> models provides data
-> I-language ->E-language -> define

“Nature has placed mankind under the governance of
two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure. It is for
them alone to point out what we ought to do, as well
as to determine what we shall do.”
-Jeremy Bentham

It is the way of the universe that no truths are given before we start our
investigations of it. But until we have some way of separating what is relevant to our
investigations from what is irrelevant there is no way to proceed: do we need to test
the acidity of soil before investigating language?

It seems highly unlikely that we
should, but if we know nothing from the outset, how can we decide? Linguistic theories are no different from any other theory in this respect. All
linguists base themselves on one theory or another. One group of linguists, known as
generativists, claim that in order to do things properly we need to make our theories

Top Movies and Web-Series to learn English

We have already written an article for you in which we have mentioned the name of a few selected films that you should see. And at the same time it will help you to learn English.

If you want, you can download this article in PDF form.


आप हमारे इस आर्टिकल का हिंदी पीडीऍफ़ भी डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं।

डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।

I hope you liked this article very much. How did you like reading this.??  Please tell by commenting.


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English quiz

English Quiz

To begin with ,Do you know speaking English is a very funny thing. And I would like to tell you that if you hesitate to speak English then it is a very bad thing.Talking with others in English opens up a lot of new opportunities for you. For this you should thank English so that you can talk to those people who do not know your language or whose language you do not know.

I hope you have read this article completely, so let's take one of your quizzes. You should also check how much English you know. That is why today I have brought this quiz for you.Check your knowledge.

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What hours ______?
From nine to five, Monday through Friday.


2 / 10

writer of harry potter..??

harry potter

3 / 10

Meaning of Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism ..??

4 / 10

How many fish are there in the sea?


5 / 10

world first English movie.....??


6 / 10

who wrote twilight saga??

7 / 10

world first English newspaper


8 / 10

antonyms for forbid..??


9 / 10

synonym for unique..?


10 / 10

How many English accents are there.?


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The average score is 39%



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