How to become a billionaire-In English- Full Strategy

So you also wish to become rich ..?

Today I am going to tell you How to become a billionaire ..?

So one thing is that think big, everything depends on your thinking, if you think small, you will get small. And if you think big, you will get big.
I tell you one thing, and I know that you will definitely agree with this.


Whenever you have met a poor man, he must have said that sir, we are poor, how can we see the dream of a costly person. Or we are poor and we will remain poor. But a rich man only thinks that if I am rich then I will remain rich.
my father used to say one thing. They say always think that where you can get money from where you can get it instead of where it can be spent. Because there are only a few ways to get money, but there are many to go.

Can anyone become rich overnight??

I will tell you that this can only happen if you are either a stock market expert. Or you have a lottery. Or you steal something big, but it was a joke. The real truth is that it is not possible that you become rich in one night. Because to become rich you have to be a successful person. And know one thing that “Success asks for time” If you are patient, then success will be in your steps and you will be able to become a rich person.

how to be a biilionaire ?

I will just ask you to read a book so that you will know yourself what you are and what you can do.If you have ever read, it is a good thing and if you have not read it, then read the book “THE SECRET”. Today’s world is such that if you have money, people will get out of your relationship. And if you do not have money, then your relatives will also deny your identity.

How to think..??

Everything depends on your thinking. If you think negatively, then you will have all the events that you want them to never happen to you. And one thing that I have learned is that no one can ever do any work Or cannot make money without working hard. Because it is a law of nature that only when you work you will get the result or money of that work.

First of all, you have to think about what work you are proficient in.

Even the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, worked hard in his early days, only then he is on this stage today.
So, brothers and sisters, be careful if a company tells you to collect some money and then sit and earn money without working. This means that the company is fooling you. I have seen all these things in my life, so I am warning you. Be careful be cautious.

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Some golden rules for becoming a billionaire: –

How to become a billionaire; Remember some of the main rules or things to become a billionaire and I know that if you implement these rules in your life then you will definitely get success.

Let us now know about the 10X rule of Grant cardone: –
1. You have to set your goal 10X, that means you have to keep your goal ten times higher than what you think you can become and what you think you can achieve.
2. You should keep your actions ten times more than those actions which you think that you can achieve your goal by doing so.
3. Many people make a mistake in their life that they do not keep their goals big but keep small.
4. Everything that is almost in this world does not last long.
5.Two important things about the 10X rule: more hard work; Big goals.

how to became a billionaire

One more thing, never keep your goal small, keep it very big. A goal that you feel you cannot achieve. Because the real fun will come to achieve the same goal which is impossible to achieve.

1. And one thing you have to be patient is why it never happens that from today you started work and from tomorrow you will become a billionaire. Be patient, the beginning is always small.
2. Never be afraid of failure, always learn from your failure that this mistake will not happen again
3. If you are determined to do something, then finish it and do it.

Some main things: –

1. Either find a new way or do any old work in such a way that no one has done.
2. A trillionaire is always eager to learn something new or to do something new. If you ask a rich person, he will say that he is a student and not a teacher.
3. And the most interesting thing about the rich people is that they never run away from their work, but they fulfill it with their mind.

How can you become a billionaire?

how to became a billionaire

Invest money: –

Put your money in the right place because “money only makes money”. warren buffet is a name which is called Guru of share market. He became a billionaire with his hard work. He did not follow anyone’s footsteps. If you read the biography of warren buffet, you will learn a lot. The company he invested money in was never immersed. If you have a good grasp of the stock market, then no one can stop you from becoming an billionaire.

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Become Entrepreneur: –

If you are more interested in business, then you can become an entrepreneur by opening a business and you can tell other businessmen’s about increasing business and where to invest money. Small businesses can be encouraged. As your name grows, so will get your work and your path will be cleared.

Save money :-

If you always think about blowing money, then you can hardly be successful, always look at your parents how they save money and run such a big house. Always save so much money that you never have to spread your hand in front of anyone in your life. Never spread your hand in front of anyone in life, if you succeed without any help, then it will be a lesson for the whole world along with you.

Let’s know about some jobs that can make you a billionaire.

1. Author

If you become a successful writer then you can become very rich. But becoming a writer is also not an easy task. To become a writer, your thinking and your articles play a very important role. Becoming a writer is like running barefoot. You have to write a good book first, then you will have to find a publisher to print that book. If you want, you can take the example of JK Rowling, who is counted among the richest writers in the world today. His book Harry Potter is one of the famous books. On which the film is also made. This book was rejected 12 times before it was published. And finally in 1997 this book appeared and became very popular.

2. Investment Banker :-

There are too many Confusions that what investment bankers do?

Whether they work in a bank or invest in a bank or where they invest. Overall, an investment banker acts as a broker between the company and its buyer. And these people are responsible for ending business deals. It is also their job to tell their customers to buy shares of a company and when to sell the shares of which company. Here you can earn a lot of money, but in this person the person is very stressed because he has to work 100 hours a week. And as a result, his salary is also in 4 to 7 digits.

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3. lawyer :-

Advocacy is a huge task in itself. And with this work you can earn crores. Approximate salary of lawyers is about 120, 930 $ annually if we measure on the whole world scale. This is very shocking to hear, but the truth is that a lawyer earns millions in criminal, trading, tax, real estate, and property dealing. And when we talk about his earnings, there are some things which are very important in this, in which court he does the lawyer and secondly how big are his clients. A Thailand lawyer, Wichai Thongtang, who was fighting the case of former Prime Minister Thanksin Shinawatra, has been valued at $ 1.9 Billion.


Conclusion :

how to became a billionaire .?

If you want to know about other similar jobs, then definitely comment and tell me, I will bring a complete article for you only on this subject.And one thing, all these things that I have told, I have written all these books and read a lot of articles. You rarely find such content on any other website. That is why I continued to read other such new articles with www.Fact11.in. Finally , you must have realized that no one can earn money without working.And I hope that you must have got some idea from this How to become a billionaire.

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