graphic design is my passion

About Graphic Design is My Passion 

To begin with, you must have heard about Graphic Design is My Passion, the term was mostly used by graphic designers and at the same time there was a lot of meme on Graphic Design is My Passion.

The graphics design is my passion meme started with Tumblr, where an artist posted a meme containing cartoons and this post quickly spread to all social networks.In this meme, many slogans and video clips were used, in which those cartoons were conveyed on top of the dark cloudy background.



On 7 July , 2014,  A user of Tumblr named as Yungterra  posted a photo on this day in which the background was very cloudy and dark. consequently, At the same time, the background was a picture of a frog with this background and it was written just below written in the Papyrus typeface (shown below, left ) that the graphic design is my passion. I think the user was searching for “what is my passion“.

graphic design is my passion

Additionally ,This meme which was very popular after seeing it and this post gathered much discussion next year, the post gained over 352,000 notes.The frog clipart that was attached to it was found on the website Classroom Clipart.

Likewise, user was searching for the how do i find my passion. Okay apart from this let’s talk about this topic seriously.

Knowing your enthusiasm in life gives you something to fabricate a mind-blowing remainder around. Your enthusiasm can be whatever all the while challenges you, interests you and propels you.

Spread of graphics design is my passion

On 29th January, 2015, Tumblr client hatchergold posted the picture alongside the inscription “Staff resemble,” which assembled in excess of 131,000 notes in eight months.

On 15 April , Tumblr client dreamyacorn presented an image of the refreshed Tumblr logo over Yungterra’s unique picture, accepting as much as 130,000 notes in the following five months (demonstrated as follows).

I am thinking now that some people will also make meme over tumblr graphics,sports graphic design, fitness graphic design. Although these could be also topics web design meme, my passion is graphic design & medical graphics design. 

What is graphic designing? to illustrate, you have just learned, there is a one-size-fits-all definition. There are countless ways to use graphic design to solve business problems or generate inspiration. It is up to you to determine what graphic design means to you and your future career.

Conversely, having an eye for design is a great start, but do you have other natural traits of a graphic designer? 

Various Examples

On 7th June , the Tumblr blog Meme Archives included a “visual computerization is my obsession” tag with a few instances of the image. In July thirteenth, the AnimatedText Tumblr blog posted an energized GIF of the expression “visual communication is my obsession” (demonstrated as follows). Inside two months, the post gathered in excess of 144,000 notes.

On 10th August , Tumblr client kykiske presented a content post containing the sentence “tumblr staff: visual communication is my obsession.” The next day, the GraphicDesignIsMyPassion Tumblr blog was propelled, which features pictures and posts referencing the expression.

On 5th May , the Meme Documentation Tumblr blog addressed an unknown inquiry regarding the image, noticing that it began in 2014. That day, Tumblr client pentabulge posted an image of the first picture photoshopped into a casing, which aggregated as much as 54,000 notes in four months (demonstrated as follows, left). On August 31st, Tumblr client bowserfucker posted an altered variant of the picture highlighting Pepe the Frog (demonstrated as follows, right).

graphic design is my passion


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