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Show: Broken But Beautiful 

Director: Harsh Dedhia

Cast: Vikrant Massey, Harleen Sethi, Gaurav Arora, Jitin Gulati

OTT: AltBalaji, ZEE5

Year : 2018


Rating: 4 out of 5.
Download Broken but Beautiful

Download Broken but Beautiful: You can download broken but beautiful season 1 and; you can also download broken but beautiful season 2 from the link below. If you don’t have Alt Balaji premium. After the accomplishment of Alt Balaji’s Broken But Beautiful season 1, the producers have dropped season 2 of the show. Also, similar to the last season, this season also is brimming with affection, sentiment, heartbreaks and realties encompassing connections. Coordinated by Harsh Dedhia and delivered by Ekta Kapoor the show will take you on an exciting ride of heartbreaks; till you track down the ideal one whom you can call ‘until the end of time’. Download Broken but Beautiful.

Title Broken But Beautiful (Season 2)
Main Cast Vikrant Massey
Harleen Sethi
Genre Web Series, Romance
Director Harsh Dehiya
Concept Ekta Kapoor
Producer Sarita A. Tanwar
Niraj Kothari
Co-Producer Yukti Anand
Writer Reshu Nath
Creative Director Bhavna Rawail (ALT Balaji)
Nisarg Vaidhya
Executive Producer Dhruv Dawer
Pratiksha Malhotra
Associative Writer Prasad Kadam
Riddhi Kachhela
Line Producer Nikhil Upadhyay
DoP Shreya Gupta
Editor Unnikrishanan P.P
Lyrics Vishal Mishra (Teri Ho Gyaiaan)
Akhil Sachdeva (O Saajna)
Manoj Mountashir (Shaamein)
Akshay Shinde (Boureya)
Music Director Vishal Mishra (Teri Ho Gyaiaan)
Akhil Sachdeva (O Saajna)
Amaal Mallik (Shaamein)
Sandman (Boureya)
Production Designer Juhi Talmaki
Costume Designer Ankita Patel
Background Score Pranaay

We as a whole have cherished and lost and attempted to discover love once more. When our heart is broken it requires some investment to retouch however as it’s been said; it takes a messed up heart to move past feelings of hurt. In season 2 of Broken… But Beautiful, Veer(Vikrant Massey) and Sameera (Harleen Sethi) have proceeded onward in their lives; yet are unconsciously conveying a piece of undetectable things of their past.

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Exactly when Veer and Sameera imagined that they are in a delighted period of their lives, ;having proceeded onward with Debbie (played by Anuja Joshi) and Ahan (played by Gaurav Arora) individually, ;life brings them vis-à-vis once more. We as a whole gain from our past connections; thus has Sameera who has become more like her ex-Kartik (Jitin Gulati) and; accepts just in easygoing dating and no hidden obligations connections. She currently has responsibility issues and is terrified to yield to individuals’ feelings unintentionally harming her simultaneously. Download Broken but Beautiful.

Download Broken but Beautiful
Courtesy: AltBalaji

You can download broken but beautiful season 1 and; you can also download broken but beautiful season 2 from the link below. If you don’t have Alt Balaji premium.

Then again, Veer has become like Sameera, a total differentiation to his unique self, some place attempting to compensate for his previous oversights. Understanding that he didn’t do what’s needed in his past relationship, he goes super in his adoration, feeling, and warmth towards his present accomplice Debbie.

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In this turbulent pool of feelings Veer and Sameera cheat their individual accomplices for one another prompting a psychological tumult. Making an honest effort to succumb to one another, they self-destruct. A ton stays implied between the two, in this excursion of recuperating, getting directly from where they left, Broken… But Beautiful is tied in with trusting in affection and; conveys the message that you run over a few wrong ones until you at long last get the correct one. Download Broken but Beautiful.

Would one be able to adore really once more, without relinquishing the stuff of their past?… Will both Veer Sameera actually reel in the impacts of yesterday, unwittingly clutching their torment? What will happen when these two spirits discover that notwithstanding giving themselves the existence, ;their wrecked hearts are as yet not mended? Can they leave the things of their past behind and proceed onward no doubt? The pristine season will address every one of these inquiries and; bring a couple of more snapshots of feelings, love, and recuperating, making your heart all warm and fluffy.

For more details you have to download and watch the season 1 of Broken But Beautiful.

Harleen Sethi has done finish equity to the job as she is somebody we would all identify with. Her Sameera in season 2 has advanced. The main season considered Sameera to be the psycho ex, running behind her beau Kartik (Jitin Gulati). In the subsequent season, we see a solid headed young lady, adoring herself as opposed to falling for a man to track down her own personality.

Vikrant Massey is basically impeccable, he moves you with each scene. He causes you to have faith in adoration and each metropolitan millennial couple will comprehend the disturbance they go through. Gaurav Arora as Arhaan Sameera’s sweetheart resembles some other person in a relationship. Anuja Joshi as Debbie is sweet and makes a reasonable showing keeping to the restricted job that she has. Jitin Gulati as Kartik is in fact an exercise most young ladies would need in their life, to live free. Discussing his acting, he causes you to put stock in kinships and giving up. Download Broken but Beautiful.

Download Broken but Beautiful
courtesy : Altbalaji

While the remainder of the supporting cast has done most extreme equity to their characters. With a holding storyline and screenplay, the first solid tracks of the show resemble a cherry on the cake, each number consummately mixes with the circumstance portraying the sensation of adoration, expectation, love, and fellowship. Melodies like O Saajna a profound contemporary pop number murmured, formed and composed by Akhil Sachdeva.


Boreya – another pop track, sung by the fiery Anusha Mani and made by Sandman out of the Fittrat distinction. The third unique track, an adoration melody, Teri Hogayiaan is sung, created and written by the famous vocalist Vishal Mishra weaves enchantment and will wet your eyes. The fourth sentimental melody, Shaamein has been warbled by Armaan Mallik and created by Amaal Mallik is enchanted and goes with Veer and Sameera’s romantic tale.

Set in Mumbai the metropolitan romantic tale of Veer and Sameera is relatable. Broken But Beautiful isn’t what is appeared in Bollywood films, it has no stunning assumptions, no unbelievable dramatization and together always ever after responsibilities. It has genuine feelings, wrecked spirits, people that make blunders and the important exercise that adoration requires some investment. The show isn’t long winded, however as the screenplay pushes forward you understand what you need in your life. Love is abstract for everybody, moderate for a few, over the top for another. Broken however delightful legitimizes the magnificence in you, regardless of whether you are broken.

Ekta Kapoor weaves enchantment once more and ;we began to look all starry eyed at the sorcery of affection and expectation. Marathon watch the show on the off chance that you need consolation on affection.


The Hindi web series, named ‘Broken But Beautiful’ which was gushing from the year 2018 on ZEE5 and ALTBalaji Original, ;created by Ekta Kapoor. This arrangement has concocted two seasons and 21 scenes remembering for it. This story goes around two appealing individuals who get overpowered in their adoration; venture with agonies too in their genuine love. This sentimental play was overseen by the chief Santosh Singh. The cast and team for both the seasons continued as before with the lead jobs ;Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi as Veer Shekhawat and Sameera Joshi.

courtesy : Altbalaji

In this arrangement, some heart-softening lines are expressing that “Each wrecked piece of me fell on each messed up piece of you and when I took the missing parts, similar to the void of me I saw the vacancy of you and I poured my half upon you to fill your entirety. I gambled everything just to dream you complete and get you one day free in nature.” These lines were composed by Robert M. Drake to epitomize the subsequent season delivered on ZEE5 and ALTBalaji Original. Download Broken but Beautiful.


In season 1 itself, Veer and Sameera were penniless up as their predetermination caused them to do and ;that fate just tracked down a recuperating place for every one of their hopeless emotions. These both lost their parts who mended and repaired one another. These both get conflicts and ;misconceptions among them and they were again welcomed each other into their lives in the subsequent season. The other cast, who make their job in this play as Veer’s and; Sameera’s well-wishers without causing them to feel awful and down in the circumstances they are going through.

At any rate, this arrangement makes everybody chuckle, tears, push down and; gets mistaken for Veer’s most amusing activities and ;Sameera’s confidence will take us to a limit level in adoration.

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