Best Romantic Novels by Indian Authors

Best Romantic Novels by Indian Authors: To begin with, All these romantics: Although, the genre of romance is quite old. Yet, Romantic Novels or stories ,loved by the most of the readers ,but some can’t find them easily. Romance books top you off with trust and restore the sentimental in a large portion of us. Here we list down some contemporary sentimental page-turners of 2019 so far which you wouldn’t have any desire to put down.

There are times in life where you need to peruse fairly however aren’t exactly certain what to peruse. There are numerous classifications like love, spine chiller, repulsiveness, motivating, science fiction and numerous others. In this post we will be enlightening you regarding a portion of the Best Romantic Novels by Indian Authors which are doing very marvelous in India. So in the event that you have some relaxation time. Also you need to invest some energy with books proceed to get a portion of these . Thereafter you will appreciate some quality time.

1. I Too Had A Love Story

Best Romantic Novels by Indian Authors
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The novel is written by Ravindra Singh.

Consistently Ravinder Singh takes off to meet his perusers. The smash hit writer’s perusers—esteemed by distributers for their sheer numbers—resemble nursery blossoms and needing the individual touch. Most popular for I Too Had A Love Story, Singh is prepared with his new book Will You Still Love Me?— the eighth in his long term profession.

Singh’s perusers are dissipated across India, not really in the overwhelming metros yet in littler towns. For them it is something other than a book. It is a relationship.

Moreover, the novel depends on his genuine story. Actually, this is extraordinary compared to other romantic tales I have ever perused. Further, the novel delightfully depicts the feelings when you lose your affection. I wager, you can’t stop your tears. In reality, this is an excellent work. Besides, there’s a line from the novel, “She kicked the bucket, I endure and on the grounds that I endure, I passed on day by day”.

2. Anything For You Ma’am

The Story is written by Tushar Raheja.

Tushar Raheja (brought into the world 1984) is an Indian narrator and arithmetic specialist situated in Delhi. Tushar Raheja’s first book Anything for you, Ma’am, a parody, was distributed in 2006 while he was an undergrad understudy in Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Without a doubt, a straightforward however awful Story. He composed the plot of ANYTHING FOR YOU MA’AM. Further, it’s a reviving change from ordinary Chetan Bhagat’s epic. The story is straightforward and spins around IIT’s. To be sure, a decent one to peruse. Thus, Give it a read.

Plot Summary: An IIT Delhi understudy experiences passionate feelings for a young lady, companion of his sister. (By perusing the title, I thought it is a romantic tale between an IIT understudy and a woman educator/teacher) Unfortunately this young ladies lives in Chennai and in the wake of finding out about their undertaking, young lady’s dad has dropped future Delhi visits for the family. So as to see the young lady, our saint intends to exploit a mechanical visit to Pune and sports meet. He intends to take a train to Chennai from Pune as opposed to going to modern visit. All the difficulties looked during this experience structures center substance of the novel.

3. That Kiss in the Rain, love is the weather of life

Best Romantic Novels


Novoneel Chakraborty is the smash hit creator of six sentimental spine chiller books, including the gigantically mainstream Stranger set of three. He works in the Indian movies and broadcast business writing famous network shows like Million Dollar Girl, Twist Wala Love, Secret Diaries for Channel V. He lives in Mumbai.

Alright . I concur . Love is the climate of life. To each one of those individuals who are enamored with..well ..LOVE , ” go get a duplicate for yourself.”.

Story Plot: The book presents 3 fundamental characters – Pallavi, Hasil, Swadha and obviously Palki(Hasil’s significant other ). Pallavi is an extreme rascal. Rich bitch. Everybody needs to be her undoubtedly . Fun , sure, and with regards to her picture, Furious. Hasil is even more a tedious person I presume.

He’s been depicted as the fantasy fellow. Love of every one of the three young ladies in the book. Decent person however. Acquired a grin all over the end. Swadha, the most significant character in the book, has a response to each address in the psyche of ladies of all age. Truly , all age. I see a great deal of Swadha in me . Truth be told, I have seen Swadha in a ton of ladies. The storyline is acceptable. Not frustrating .

Whats better? Engaging in sexual relations with the individual you love or love the individual you have intercourse with? . Well for that you have to turn the pages of the book.

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4. Your Dreams Are Mine Now

Best Romantic Novels

Again, this is an awesome piece of work by Ravindra Singh.

If You are studying at Delhi University then you will love this. For sure, a story that will make you cry like damnation. A story that revives your confidence in affection. An account of a little youngster who gets assaulted by some pitiless colleagues on the sets of a teacher. An educator who gets imprisoned due to the young lady. What’s more, a little youngster, who during this, adores the young lady with a similar force.(Best Romantic Novels)

Story Plot : Rupali is an unassuming community young lady and an optimist, though Arun is a Delhi fellow with unmistakable fascination for youth legislative issues. A significant embarrassment on the school grounds unites them and some place along the line they experience passionate feelings for one another. Be that as it may, their battle against malicious comes at a hefty value which turns into a definitive trial of their lives.

Set against the scenery of substantial grounds legislative issues in Delhi University, Your Dreams Are Mine Now is a blameless romantic tale that will make for a drawing in read for the individuals who appreciate romantic tales.

5. She friend zoned my love

Best Romantic Novels

The Author of the book is Sudeep Nagarkar.

Sudeep Nagarkar is the author of eight bestselling novels including Few Things Left Unsaid (2011), It Started with a Friend Request (2013), Sorry, You’re Not My Type (2014), You’re Trending in My Dreams (2015), She Swiped Right into My Heart (2016), and All Rights Reserved for You (2016). He is the recipient of Youth Achievers Award and has been featured on the Forbes India longlist of the most influential celebrities for three consecutive years. He also writes for television and has been a speaker at IITs and TEDx. His books have been translated into Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Telugu.(Best Romantic Novels)

Story plot : The story features a young age boy Apurv who is an absolute charmer. And, like all other boys, he longs for a girlfriend in his life but haven’t found the right girl yet.Somewhere in the same town, there is Amyra. She is beautiful and popular, leading a perfect life. Most of the boys in town desire for her while the girls want to be friends with her.

The love story of Apruv and Amyra begins when they meet each other at the college canteen just by chance. Soon, Apurv falls for her but Amyra wouldn’t reciprocate the feelings the way he wants.


6. Wish I Could Tell You 

Best Romantic Novels

The author of this book is Durjoy Datta.

Durjoy Datta was born in New Delhi, India. Later on He finished a certificate in Engineering and Business Management before leaving on a composing vocation. His first book Of Course I Love You!was distributed when he was 21 years of age and was a moment success. His progressive novels Now That You’re Rich!, She Broke Up, I Didnt!, Ohh Yes, I Am Single!, You Were My Crush!, and If Its Not For ever have likewise discovered conspicuousness on different blockbuster records.(Best Romantic Novels)

Story plot : Wish I Could Tell You is the book which hypothesizes around two individuals where Ananth is an awesome individual who sees everyone emphatically. The man is hopeful and sees excellence in the essences of everyman and thing. His general energy moves him to join a cause association which is called WeDonate.com. This association is a cause based association which accumulates cash for the individuals who truly required. There is a dissimilar young lady of him who is none yet Mohini who sees a ton of sufferings and difficulties throughout her life. She sees the most noticeably terrible of individuals and thinks the dirtiest side of them.

7. Revolution 2020

Book is written by the most Popular author of India Chetan Bhagat.

Chetan Baghat, a rising star in the contemporary current Indian writing, is a multitalented character. He is an author, editorialist, open speaker and a screenplay essayist. His striking works incorporate Five Point Someone, The 3 Mistakes of My Life and 2 States.Most of his artistic works address the issues identified with Indian youth and their goals which earned Baghat status of the adolescent symbol.(Best Romantic Novels)

Story Plot : Indeed, it’s an account of two companions succumbing to a similar young lady. One person is enthusiastic about achieving upset through his composition. The other person the hero,being out of decision becomes involved with setting up a College business. He but himself clean, however the cash for the school is subsidized by a MLA who is degenerate. The young lady continues changing sides until at long last intentionally parted with by the saint to his kindred rival companion. Clearly he gets a difference in heart, feels regretful and figures he doesn’t merit the young lady.

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8. YOU WERE MY CRUSH: Till You Said You Love Me!

Again, this is an awesome piece of work by Durjoy Datta.

You Were My Crush! is a story that makes certain to cause you to introspect and reevaluate about your adoration life. The book causes you to understand the more obscure side inside yourself and rebuild the goals that you have been living with. The book lectures that everybody has a hazier side to them, and it is extremely important to know one’s very own cutoff points so individuals absolutely never exceed them.(Best Romantic Novels)

Durjoy Dutta’s fifth book “You were my Crush” depends on the genuine biography of his sibling, Benoy Roy.

Story Plot : A thoughtless spoilt rascal driving a Bentley, a school stud, a heartbreaker who lost his mom to malignant growth and offers a stressed relationship with his dad. Benoy is a geeky and cheerful hero.Benoy’s life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes companions with Diya and goes gaga for her sister Shaina (who he discovers/sees on an informal communication site). Benoy and Shaina experience passionate feelings for, the last acquiring a ton of good changes Benoy’s life – even his stressed relationship appeared to improve. Until Shaina leaves the relationship, giving the book a curve!

9. The Boy who Loved

Again Durjoy Datta’s Novel.

Raghu likes to show that there is nothing momentous about his life—adoring, white collar class guardians, a senior sibling he gazes upward to and plans to concentrate in an IIT. What’s more, that is the means by which he needs things to appear—ordinary. Where it counts, notwithstanding, the blame of letting his dearest companion suffocate in the school’s pool perplexes him.

The main thing you can’t design in life is when and who to experience passionate feelings for . . .

Story Plot : Raghu likes to show that there is nothing astounding about his life—cherishing, working class guardians, a senior sibling he turns upward to and plans to concentrate in an IIT. What’s more, that is the manner by which he needs things to appear—ordinary.

Where it counts, notwithstanding, the blame of letting his dearest companion suffocate in the school’s pool worries him. What’s more, even as he rebuffs himself by escaping the world and avoiding affection and kinship, he feels attracted to the captivating Brahmi—a young lady very like him, yet so extraordinary. Regardless of how hard Raghu attempts, he starts to mind . . . At that point life tosses him into the profound end and he needs to confront his most exceedingly terrible feelings of dread.

Will adore be sufficiently able to haul him out?

The Boy Who Loved, first of a two-section sentiment, is warm and dull, tense and peculiar, brilliantly sensible and hazardously incredible.

10. Untruly Yours 

The author of this book is smita shetty.

Shamita is a fantastic entertainer who was conceived in the year 1979 on 2 february. Her origin is mumbai. Smita was a decent model before entering in to the acting field. She has stepped in to the bollywood business in the year 2000. She hails from a dim foundation. Her own kin is as a matter of fact notable bollywood entertainer Shilpa Shetty.

This made her simple section in to the bollywood business.

Story Plot : Untruly Yours is the introduction novel of the creator – Smita Shetty. The story line is clear from the snippet. In the 150 pages of this relentless stylish lit novel, the creator recounts to the account of Natasha who appears to feel that the flash in her relationship with her significant other has disappeared. She is eager and longs for some fervor in her life. In the event that you look a dig somewhat more profoundly into the character of Natasha, you will find that there is a touch of Natasha in most ladies.

Here and there, the enthusiasm of life is lost in the day by day unremarkable tasks, one feels individuals underestimates you and it brings a sentiment of adoration less-ness and dejection. Numerous multiple times it is a long way from reality and it is only a passing stage. The creator has recounted to the tale of a lady going through this period of life and how she adapts to it.


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