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Hello friends welcome back to Fact11. Today here we are going to tell the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Recently the reasons of accidents happening in Bermuda Triangle are revealed. To know these reasons stay connected with us.

Bermuda Triangle

Incidents, Mystery And Myths

Mystery And Myths

So before knowing the mysterious things let’s have some important information about the Bermuda Triangle. Well, so when it comes to mysterial place, one thing always comes in mind that there is some ghost energy there or god’s energy etc. But actually these all are myths which was rumoured in between the people’s.


This is true that so many accidents happened there. Like, when in 1498 Cristopher Columbus was travelling from there he saw changes in the monsoon and their ship got disballanced. This incident was shared in their book. And in August,1942 the airships of America got lost there even the rescue team also didn’t returned from their search operation. Again in December, 1942 bombarding aircraft of America got lost while moving forward from just above the Bermuda Triangle. The reasons of missing of these aircrafts was same, which was the unfortunate changing in the climate and failure of their compass etc.

In 1970 a pilot named as Bruce Gernon was returned from this place. They told about what happened there when he travelled from above the Bermuda Triangle. Unfortunately the climate was changed, a very large black cloud was seen. And the speed of air was at its peak. It was looking like a cave of cloud’s. When he entered into the flock of clouds, he saw that they were not taking the name of ending the cloud. At the same time they travelled 150 km within 3 minutes. This means that above the Bermuda Triangle the speed of their aeroplane was about 3000 km/h, which is equals to speed of missiles.

In 1964, Vincent Gaddis told about Bermuda Triangle in their magazine. How this triangle swallow the ship’s, aircrafts and other objects passing from there. That is why it is also called as devil triangle or mysterial triangle.

Location: Bermuda Triangle

Generally the location of Bermuda Triangle is not fixed. Means that it is the area of about 3-5 lakh square km. Which starts from Florida then Puerto Rico and then upto Bermuda island. Actually this is not fixed, means that this is the approximate area. When any ship comes in this area then above mentioned activities were observed. One most interesting thing about this is that, it is not even included in ten most dangerous places.

Reasons, Logic or Solved Mystery

So till now you get to know some interesting facts. Now let us have a look into the reasons/logic behind these horrible incidents. Mainly there are three reasons which are as follows.

  • First reason is the volcano present under the sea. These volcano leads to the decrement of the density of water. This happens because when volcano activates the large amount of methane gas is released which decreases the density of water. And we know that ships are made according to normal density of water. Which leads to the sinking of ships.
  • Second reason is that, near to this region has large number of sea mountains. When the winds blow, they start to stir due to hitting these mountains. At the same time, due to these winds, sea waves also start to rise, which causes the sinking of ships. And also due to this wind aircrafts were lead to get submerged into the sea. Bermuda triangle mystery solved.
  • The third reason is the presence of hexagonal clouds. Hexagonal clouds were first seen in the planet Saturn. These clouds are the big reason behind the aeroplane crash. The winds inside these clouds move at a speed of about 250 km/h. Which leads to either breaking of the aeroplanes or increase the speed of planes.

These were the some reasons/ logic behind the Bermuda Triangle. And also to understand in very fine way you can watch this video by Khan sir. So finally thank you for reading this article upto end.

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