As you all know how bad this year 2020 is. So today I have brought you an article on some very bad events of 2020. After all, there should also be someone who writes history. Today , I am going to put these main events into words. Let’s start.Today we will talk about some of the main main events, not too much will go to Deeply. Because if we talk Deeply, then this article will be quite long. And we just need to know a little bit about these bad things.

Volcanic eruption in the philippines

Disasters Of 2020 : This is the case on 12 January 2020, Taal volcano, the second largest volcano of the Philippines, which is near Manila, the capital, exploded. The incident forced more than 138,000 people to live in shelters. And the lives and property of all people were severely damaged. The business of many people came to a standstill. Also, the crop of many farmers was also severely damaged.

Credit- Bangkok post

Turkey earthquake

It is a matter of 26th January, a very big earthquake occurred in Turkey on this day.The earthquake that occurred was Magnitude 6.7, it was a very big earthquake. Due to this, about 43 people died in Turkey’s Alizese province. 86 people were seriously injured and about 1700 people suffered heavy loss of life and property.Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Authority (AFAD) reported that more than 45 people were rescued from below the buildings.

turkey earthquake
Credit- Euronews

deadly bushfire of Australia

Very dangerous bushfires jo spread very quickly in the jungles of Australia. This bushfire started in June 2019 and lasted till 2020. Due to this, about 33 people died in Australia and about 1 billion animals died. And more than 2500 houses and wooded areas were destroyed. And it was described as a very bad incident in which the picture of burnt animals became very viral. People also fed water to many thirsty animals who went out of the forest. Lots of fake pictures of kangaroos, koalas, poses were seen. And it was a very blasphemous and bad scene.

Thick plumes of smoke rise from bushfires at the coast of East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia January 4, 2020 in this aerial picture taken from AMSA Challenger jet.
Credit – Theatlantic

Corona virus havoc

The very dangerous corona virus also arrived in 2020.It is believed that the corona virus first arrived at the fish market in Wuhan city of China.It is believed that the corona virus first arrived at the fish market in Wuhan city of China. And it was spread during the Lunar New Year holiday season. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared emergency all over the world and for this reason many countries have been put on lockdown. And most of the countries of the world have closed the borders of their countries and have strictly prohibited any tourists from China.

This dangerous corona virus has taken about 400,000 more lives worldwide. More than 700,000 people have died due to corona only. And the sequence is still going on.

stay home ,stay safe

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Riots in America

George Floyd, a black man who came to America from Texas, was caught attempting to fake a dollar. A policeman stabbed his neck below his knee, he said several times that he was having trouble breathing but the policeman did not release him and eventually that person died.

Now, many people came down the streets of America in his favor and many people also scrambled with policemen. The issue of this riot was called apartheid. Looting was done in many shops, vehicles of many people were also damaged.

Bad events of 2020

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Delhi Riots

On the night of February 23, 2020, the Protest was going on against the CAA . now became communal violence. It started from Zafarabad.42 people died in this riot together with police personnel and IB personnel, and more than 100 people suffered serious injuries. In Delhi riots houses and shops of people were burnt. And more than 100 people were arrested.

Bad events of 2020

Karachi Plane Crash Accident

A very big plane crash took place in Pakistan on 22 May 2020. The aircraft had about 99 passengers and 8 crew members. Plane of PIA crashed at Airbus A320 Jinnah Housing Society which is located near the airport.In this accident, 8 crew members including 91 passengers were killed.

karachi plane crash
Credit- TheHindu

Visakhapatnam gas leak

7 At about three o’clock in the morning of May 20, 20, an accident occurred in a large quantity of gas leaked from LG Polymers, located in Visakhapatnam, which took 12 lives. And more than 100 people fell victim to it.Its influence was in the range of 5 km and due to this, more than 2000 people were removed from that area.And the gas leaked from that factory is called styrene gas [C8H8] , this gas is used to make plastic polymers and is very dangerous.

gas leak
Credit- Indianexpress

Russia Oil Leak

On May 29, a fuel tank power plant in Russia collapsed.This power plant is located near Siberian City of Norilsk. The state of emergency has been declared by Putin in that region of Russia. The oil that has leaked has spread about 13 km from its site in Ambarnaya river crimson red. There are speculations that it will take more than 10 years to remove it.

disasters of 2020


Ultimately, I want to tell all of you that only half the year of 2020 has passed, half a year is left. Do not know which days God will show us in this coming year. That is why we request you to be careful, be Alert .



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